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Caringbah Pre-Kindergarten provides a supportive and inclusive environment in which the care given is an extension of the home. Our service offers experiences which reflect the Children’s diversity, strengths, needs and interests.
We support positive learning and play experiences, in an environment which will foster each child’s sense of self-worth, nurture positive group relationships and encourage cooperative and collaborative behaviour.

We understand that parents and families have busy lifestyles. In creating a supportive family atmosphere and providing quality care and education, we aim to assist and collaborate with relieving family pressure and help support each child’s development.
Our curriculum reflects the Early Learning Years Framework; Being, Belonging, and Becoming. This framework focuses on play providing the foundation for learning. Play allows children to make sense of their world as play is the natural way to learn. Through play, children make discoveries, construct knowledge and express themselves providing the foundations of learning for the future.

As educators we believe in, practice and advocate for the principles outlined in the ‘United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child’, the ‘Early Childhood Code of Ethics’, ‘Education and Care Services Regulations’, ‘National Quality Framework” including the “National Quality Standards” and the ‘Early Years Learning Framework’.

The Service promotes its OPEN DOORS POLICY. We welcome and encourage all family members to participate first hand and observe how we provide care for their child. We will always make time to listen, provide help and advice for each individual family. We are proud of the quality care we provide.

We believe our program:

  • Is continuously evolving, reflecting the children’s interests.
  • Provides structured and spontaneous activities using natural and man-made materials from the surrounding environment.
  • Provides opportunities for children to participate in a variety of physically active experiences, educating children about the importance of healthy choices.
  • Incorporates a school readiness focus, providing children with experiences that prepare them for the transition to school.
  • Continuously includes concepts of diversity, inclusion and equity. Helping young people develop respect for others in terms of understanding differences and diversity within the community.
  • Incorporates play based learning experiences that are structured and open ended.
  • Provides opportunities for exploration, experimentation, trial and error and discovery. Our education approach supports each child for their uniqueness and challenges their own interests, talents and abilities.

We believe all Children should:
  • Have the opportunity to contribute to his/her own learning journey and establish a sense of being.
  • Be immersed in a stimulating environment.
  • Have their needs met, including, sleep, rest, nutrition, health and hygiene.
  • Have a sense of belonging. Children are given time to adjust and adapt in accordance with their own interests and abilities.
  • Learn to interact in relation to others with care empathy and respect.
  • Have behaviour expectations that are clear, concise and consistently reinforced by all educators. Clear limits will provide reassurance and security for our children, which will contribute to the development of their self-esteem.
  • Develop a sense of becoming. Children should feel comfortable to express themselves.
  • Have the opportunity to get messy through exploration and play.

In relation to families we believe:
  • Quality communication and interactions between educators and families is an essential tool for maintaining positive relationships.
  • Families should feel that their Child is receiving the highest quality of care when left at Caringbah Pre-Kindergarten, and feel a positive and trusting relationship with the educators at the service.
  • It is important to the family that an infant/ child’s routine is followed as outlined by the family to create a smooth transition from home to care.
  • Families should have a sense of belonging to the centre.
  • There should be multiple forms of communication between families and educators.
  • Through acceptance of diversity family beliefs and customs should be respected.

In relation to our educators we believe:
  • Our educators should feel passion and desire to provide care and education to the children attending the service.
  • Through positive working relationships and a mentoring approach educators in training will gain on the job experience and knowledge to further their skills.
  • Our educators support positive learning experiences and nurture positive group relationships, encouraging cooperative and collaborative behaviour.
  • It is essential to have consistency in our educator team and minimise educator turn over wherever possible. Maintaining consistent care practices.
  • In recognising the connections between children, families, and communities and the importance of reciprocal relationships and partnerships.
  • In promoting children’s self -expression, exploration, experimentation and trial and error in a safe and emotional secure setting.
  • In respecting the privacy of all families.
  • In promoting and advocating for the rights and protection of all children.

In relation to the community we believe:
  • There should be a positive repour and stigma in the local community in relation to the Caringbah Pre-Kindergarten and its educators.
  • Caringbah Pre-Kindergarten will work in collaboration with the families and community to provide the stepping stones and foundations for education in the early years of every child that attends the service.
  • Community resources and information should be made available to all families.

In relation to the environment and sustainability we believe:
  • Children will learn to respect the natural environment and begin to understand the importance of caring for it, through maintaining gardens, caring for animals, actively participating in recycling and water saving.
  • The Service will strive to incorporate sustainable practices where viable.
  • Programs and daily experiences should engage children to participate in sustainable practices.